Most Secure Dunhill Biometric Wallet

Most Secure Dunhill Biometric Wallet Bluetooth Wallet - Need a solution to protect your wallet from thief? You can use The Wallet made from Dunhill was equipped with the biometric fingerprint reader which means that this Wallet can only be opened by the owner.

This Dunhill Biometric wallet can also connect via Bluetooth to a mobile phone owner. So if your wallet and cell phone was separate in distance of more than 5 feet, then the wallet will issue an alarm signal.

Its exterior is made of durable carbon fiber to be 'rejected' if the fingerprint does not match the opening hand prints owners. In it is equipped with a storage card from the skin and the clip is made of stainless steel.

Not only armed with sophisticated technology, this wallet also has an elegantly simple design. At first glance like the texture of black leather with Dunhill logo.

This Dunhill Biometric Wallet which guarantees safety for the owner is priced at $825

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