Otoku Kaoru Fragrant Shirt

Otoku Kaoru Fragrant Shirt - It's a usual things if many people spray a perfume or a fragrance to eliminate bad smell on their shirt, but the problem is when you're out of perfume or you've forgot to spray that fragrance. To overcome that problem the japanese designer made a Otoku Kaoru Fragrant Shirt a shirt that equipped with a rose capsule fragrant.

The Perfume is actually in a capsule shaped that is stored in the collar behind where you can press the capsule to break up and smell the roses will smell it immediately. According to the maker, Yamaki Co.. Ltd., the perfume can last long enough that new smell will disappear after 10 times washing.

Oh yes, certainly many are asking why you guys smell the roses shirt, because the shirt was launched on Valentine's Day yesterday.

Otoko Kaoru Fragrant Shirt was sold at 3000 Yen. PS : Otoku Kaoru means "Good Smelling Man"

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