Phrazer Device a Handheld Communicator for Healthcare Service

Phrazer Device a Handheld Communicator for Healthcare Service - Just imagine if you were a doctor and you has a patient from a foreign country and you don't understand their language, the most fatal way due to this reason is the wrong disease diagnose. You need a special translator device in the medical fields to avoid this problems.

Phrazer is a medical device that will bridge the differences in the language used for the above problem or can be called a kind of translator tools but it was made specifically to the healthcare and medicine fields.

In this device there is a video that translated into 300 languages and a 7-inch sized touch screen to give instructions to patients about the part where it hurts and others.

Patients only need to follow the instructions (video) present on the screen with a language that is understandable and then the results can be read by the doctor to accurately and will provide a more accurate diagnosis. In Phrazer device it also features Bluetooth, USB, GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G to make it more portable and able to access important information needed.

Phrazer using 2 pieces of batteries that can be used for 22 hours and claimed the translation almost 100% accurate. It is very useful, unfortunately, the price of this medical sophisticated equipment device is quite expensive this device will be sold in the range $ 12000-18000. Watch the Demo Video Below.

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