Sterishoe - Gadget to fight the Bad Smell in Your Shoes

Sterishoe - Gadget to fight the Bad Smell in Your Shoes - the bad smell from our shoes can last for long even you have washed the shoes several times, and this gadget named Sterishoe will helps you to eliminate the bad smell from your shoes in 15 minutes.

Shoes often cause odor after use because the moist and mixed with sweat. Moreover, if the shoe is often used for days and rarely washed. However, despite being washed many times and put on socks, shoes sometimes still spread bad aroma.

An innovation in technology was developed to overcome the problems experienced by almost every person. Gadget named SteriShoe claimed its developers can eliminate unpleasant smell in shoes.

How it works like a frame-shaped tool that this shoe is to eliminate odor-causing bacteria, using ultraviolet (UV). How to use it is put SteriShoe in the shoe. Once connected with electricity, this tool will remove the UV light that works eradicate the bacteria that cause odor.

Rainer Kuehling from Shoe Care Innonvations explains, "SteriShoe capable of killing 99.9 percent of bacteria within 45 minutes. This tool is recommended by doctors as a method of eradication of bacteria without chemicals, especially for athletes and those who have problems with foot odor."

SteriShoe manufactured in various sizes, and will be marketed in the United States via online at a price of $120

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