Thanko Mame Cam Ultrasmall Digital Camera

Thanko Mame Cam Ultrasmall Digital Camera - This digital camera from thanko was known as the world's smallest digital camera, this camera was measuring only 30x27x27mm with 11gram weight. People will think that this is just a toy camera, but despite from it's looks this digital camera was also able to take a picture and record a video. Hmm i wonder which one is smaller, this Thanko Mame Cam or this JTT Chobi Camone Digital Camera.

Don’t measure its calibre with its small size, this small camera can shoot real time videos, images and audio’s with mono quality. In an aggregate this Japanese micro camera design measures just 30×27x27mm. It can be integrated with a laptop or computer via USB 1.1 for transferring the captured images/ videos. Thanko mini camera, captures videos in 640×480 resolution (AVI, at 30fps) and pictures in 1,600×1,200 resolution. Apart from all these features, this micro camera also records audios in mono quality. Thanko mini camera is having an amazing storage capacity of 32 GB in its small interior and battery backup of whopping 36 minutes. The device has been priced at $95 by the company and if you are staying outside Japan then you would have to contact Geek Stuff 4 U for placing an order for it.

Here's more picture of this micro camera from thanko.

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