Vodafone Webbox Enabled Internet Access to your Old TV

Vodafone Webbox Enabled Internet Access to your Old TV - Many of new TV Products come with an Internet Access and because of That, Vodafone made a device called Webbox to enable the internet access to your old TV. here's more information about Vodafone Webbox.

Vodafone presents Webbox is a product similar to PC keyboard can be connected to a regular TV and the Internet. Webbox can be connected to your TV via cable connection only with RCA which has become the standard connection on a regular TV though.

As for connecting to the internet, in Webbox there is a slot to insert the SIM card and using 2.5G and EDGE technology. At Webbox used, we will be brought to the Home Screen which already contains a variety of applications such as Opera Mini, Email, SMS until the photo gallery.

Webbox will go on sale in South Africa next week with a price of $102 and includes a 2GB memory card and a package of 100 MB of internet data.

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