Wall Mounted PC from Veho Mimi

Wall Mounted PC from Veho Mimi - Here comes another stunning innovation in PC design, a wall mounted PC, now you can experience browsing an internet like you watch a Wall mounted Television like we can see these days, you can also use this wall mounted aquarium from Aquavista design beside this Veho mimi wall mounted PC if you want. How about the feature and specification of this Wall Mounted PC from Veho Mimi? check this out.

The Veho Mimi Wall Mounted PC series comprises Mimi Duo, Mimi Uno and Mimi Pro. Equipped with 1.6Ghz Intel Atom N330 processor, Mimi Duo runs on the Windows 7 Pro platform. The integrated Nvdia Ion chip supports stunning graphics. Mimi Duo supports robust multitasking with the integrated 3GB RAM. The 500GB hard drive is sufficient for stashing large volumes of documents and files. The smart and sleek wall console PC sports HMDI, DVI, USB 2.0 and 6 Channel Sound ports. It is available for $799.95.

Mimi Uno features the same CPU, RAM and built-in ports as Mimi Duo. However, it offers a huge 1TB on board storage space. Mimi Uno will be shipped with pre-loaded Windows 7 Home software. The wall-mounted PC is available for $799.99.

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