WindMobile World's First Wind Powered Car

WindMobile World's First Wind Powered Car - These windmobile has been constructed by two German inventors: Dirk Gion and Stefan Simmerer. Their dream of the economical and green vehicle has drive them to make this amazing prototype windmobile.The duo have put their feet in the future by creating a prototype wind-powered car, dubbed ‘WindMobile’, that has already covered 5,000km across Australian desert. And the journey from Perth to Sydney cost them just $16 (£10). Don't forget to check out Another Eco Friendly Vehicle on our previous post.

Christened officially as Wind Explorer, the pod-shaped car will cover 100km with half the electricity required to run a washing machine. It is being touted as the world’s first self-sufficient wind powered vehicle.

It runs on lithium batteries that take a night to get charged by a mobile wind turbine. Weighing merely 200kg, the Wind Explorer can travel at more than 88.5km/h speed and has the title of being the first wind-powered vehicle driven across a continent to its credit

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