World's First Gesture Controlled TV Panasonic Viera DMP-HV200

World's First Gesture Controlled TV Panasonic Viera DMP-HV200 - Panasonic launch the world's first gesture controlled TV called Panasonic Viera DMP-HV200. This TV might be small, it's only has 10,1 inch screen size but they has the feature that the other TV doesn't. This TV was made for use in the kitchen or bathroom.

Inside of this TV there is a motion sensor that can be used to change channels or adjust the sound volume just by the movement of our hands alone. For example if you want to change the channel, we simply move the hand to the left or right while for the volume, simply put his hand on the right or left corner.

Because it is only used for the kitchen and small, hand movements unfortunately must be done from a short distance of about 5-10 cm but it's enough to keep the screen cleaned.

Other specifications of Panasonic Viera DMP-HV200:

- Waterproof
- Built-in TV Tuner
- 1024 × 600 screen resolution
- Wi-Fi 802.11
- Memory card slot SDXC
- USB 2.0 port

This Panasonic Viera DMP-HV200 TVs will be sold in March for $ 640, quite expensive indeed for 10-inch sizes television.

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