Aircell Android Smartphone for Private Jet

The usage of a cellphone in an aircraft could interfere with or endanger navigation systems in aircraft, but with this Special Designed Aircell Android Smartphone you don't need to worry about that anymore. this Cellphone was made specially for the aircraft usage.

It was a Good news for those of you who have a private jet because of Aircell, a company that specializes in communications within the aircraft have launched Aircell mobile Smartphone.

Aircell Smartphone is Special Android phones could be used in aircraft and guaranteed not to interfere with or endanger navigation systems in aircraft. With this Aircell Smartphone you can receive or make phone calls and SMS and the other without worry.

And because it is already using the Android OS then indirectly you can also use it for entertainment ranging from watching movies to listen to music or browse though.

Aircell Smartphone using 3.8-inch touch screen and planned to be launched in late 2011. But unfortunately this Special Aircell Android Smartphone was only allowed for those who owns a private jet. You're not allowed to use this device in a commercial flight. So if you want to try this gadget i suggest you to check out the information about the Private Jet Charter in the Internet.

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