Airkeyboard Conqueror a Wireless Gaming HTPC keyboards

Airkeyboard Conqueror a Wireless Gaming HTPC keyboards - This device was a Keyboards, Mouse and Gamepad, It can be used as a normal wireless PC keyboards, a Mouse and the Last function is as a gamepad is better than existing ones so that with one tool we can also play online games more exciting through the big screen (HDTV). With their complete feature now you don't need to use a separate keyboard, mouse or gamepad just to play your favorite online games. Well it could be perfect for playing an Online Strategy Game such as Warcraft on your PC. Don't forget to check out this Most Unique Gaming Mouse design.

The design and shape gamepad is also quite complete, especially the D-Pad and 2 joystick. Mimi Wireless Gaming Keyboard uses Lithium bateria that can be used for 20 hours with rechargeable time about 3 hours.

This HTPC Keyboard from Cideko is sold at around $169.

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