Cellblaster the Gadget Sanitizer

Cellblaster the Gadget Sanitizer - As we know our gadget especially cellphone was full of germs and bacteria due to our daily activities. I'm sure that you've heard about the germs on our cellphone might be greater than the germs in your closet. To Eliminate the Germs on your Cellphone now you can use this Device Called Cellblaster.

Cellblaster was the Gadget Sanitizer that will eliminate all the germs on your gadget such as your Cellphone with an Ultra Violet Ray from this Device. It was said that Cellblaster would kill about 99,99% of the germs and bacteria from your Cellphone.

This Device only takes about 30 seconds to kill germs and bacteria that exist in your phone and not just for phones but including other gadget for its size it can enter into it.

Besides as a germ killer (sanitizers), Cell Blaster can also function as a phone booth and we can also recharge the battery while the phone while it is "Sterilized". Until now there's no information about the price of this device. let's wait a further info of this cellblaster.

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