Evolution of Mazda RX Sports Car

Do you know about the evolution of Mazda RX Sports car? I'm sure that all automotive lover especially Mazda lover was know about the history of Mazda RX series starting from Mazda RX2 until Mazda RX8 which is recognized as one of the luxurious sports car today. RX Series was known as the Sports Car from Mazda Which is first introduced in 1970, OK here's a little story of the Evolution of Mazda RX Sports car from 1970 until today.

Mazda RX2.

This is the First Sports Car which is made by Mazda, this car was introduced in 1970. Using Rotary Engine Mazda RX2 code (also known as the Mazda RX1, Capella 616/618). Manufactured to the end of 1978. Two tips on the machine that is created for RX2 12A, with a performance 120 hp and 10 seconds for 0-100 km / h and 12B with optimal power 198 hp for the racing version. Her achievements quite brilliant, especially in America where ever won the IMSA and Road Atlanta.

Mazda RX3

Not much different with the RX2, Mazda RX3 also introduced in 1972 which continued in production until 1978. Also known as the Mazda Savanna. Basic machines are still the same with the RX2 only with different packaging. RX3 also quite accomplished where Mazda can claim the title of Fuji 500, Japanese Grand Prix in 1972 and claims to have got more than 500 titles up to 1976 and was competing with the Nissan Skyline. In Australia, RX3 track racing is very popular in either circuit or Grag Race Track. In many classes RX3 very dominate in this kangaroo country.

Mazda RX5

Next Mazda RX proceed to produce RX5 dynasty, also known as the Mazda Cosmo. The engine uses Rotary 13B and produced from 1975-1980.The Exotic Form of this Mazda RX5 caught attention for the Collector.

Mazda RX7

Mazda eventually created the legendary and phenomenal RX7 Series (another name for the Mazda RX-7 Efini). Introduced from 1978-2002. At least long span of time proves that the RX is one of the legendary Japanese sports car. Known to be very agile and efficient in fuel consumption. To travel 100 km/h only takes less than 7 seconds (especially the early series 1-4) with 1:12 fuel consumption. In 1984 introduced a generation RX7 FC Series both with the code. This is the first generation that use the turbo features. Also known as Savanna, Third generation is known as the FD code. 13B engine was capable of producing up to 280 hp maximum power on the power capacity of 1300 cc.

Mazda RX8

The latest edition of the RX is the RX8. Make use of twin Renesis Rotary engine with a capacity of 2 x 650 cc this is a new breakthrough of the Mazda RX Series. Mazda RX8 also created in the form of concept where the machine adopts hydrogen fuel technology is environmentally friendly. This Latest Sports Car from Mazda also achieved many award such as 2003 International Engine of the Year, the 2003 Japanese Car of the Year, Australia's Wheels magazine's Car of the Year for 2003, the 2004 Singapore Car of the Year, the 2004 U.S. Best Sports Car, and Standard Chartered Bank UK Best Car Awards. It was named on Car and Driver magazine's Ten Best list for 2004, 2005, and 2006, Car and Driver's "Four of a Kind" comparison test, the Winner of the 2006-2007 Golden Icon Award (presented by Travolta Family Entertainment) for "Best Sports Car "

So Which one do you choose? Well personally i want to own a Mazda RX8.

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I wasn't known that the evolution of Mazda RX Sport car from 1970. Great to know about it from your post.

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The RX-7 :)

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