Famous April Fools Pranks in History

Happy April Fools Day, now we're on the 1st April which is also recognized as an April Fools day, Have you read about the history about the April fools day? On April fools day you can pull pranks to your friends or family.

So Have you found the great pranks for your April fools day? here's some of the world's most famous April fools pranks on the history

1.The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest

In the winter of 1957, BBC TV station announced that farmers can harvest the spaghetti in Switzerland because of the time winter is warm and the insects are fond of eating spaghetti already destroyed. There are videos about the swiss spaghetti harvest! After the show, many viewers are calling BBC asking for how to do let them be grow their own spaghetti trees. But due to the basis for fun, the BBC even answer them by asking them to put a little tin filled with spaghetti in tomato sauce and hope it'll grow spaghetti.

2. The Taco Liberty Bell

In 1996, America's leading Tako company, The Taco Bell Corporation, Announced if they've bought the Liberty Bell (Liberty Bell) and named after Taco Liberty Bell. Hundreds of residents of Philadelphia, USA, directly calling the National Historical Park, where the bell was laid, to protest and anger certainly because of the Liberty Bell was the historic bell of the American Revolutionary War! Several hours later, Taco Bell announced if it's all just a joke! The funny anymore, there is a journalist who asked the White House secretary, Mike McCurry, on sales of the Liberty Bell to Taco Bell, McCurry said that even if Lincoln Memorial (the building that was built to commemorate the former U.S. president of the 16th, Abraham Lincoln) also already sold!

3. The Left-Handed Whopper

Burger King announced that they got a left handed whopper made specially for a left handed people. this pranks was made around 1998.

4. UFO Lands in London

On March 31, 1989, thousands of people are riding his motorcycle on the highway outside London see the shining objects that looks like a flying saucer above the city. After the plate was landed on the outskirts of London, the residents immediately calling the police to warn them about the existence of an alien invasion! not long after the police arrived on the scene and one of them bravely approaching strange dishes. When the door opened, a figure with a silver dress appeared, and police were immediately run. it is odd dish that already constrained air balloon let-like UFO by Richard Branson, chairman of her Virgin Records.

5. Flying Penguins

on 2008, BBC announced that their cameraman shooting a Miracles of Evolution TV Series on Antartica where a penguin flying, They even have a video about flying penguins. As a result, the video became one of the most viewed video on the internet.

6. The Sydney Iceberg

On 1 April 1978, a tanker appeared in Sydney Harbour draw a big iceberg and witnessed by the inhabitants of Sydney. They already know there will be an iceberg and went for Dick Smith from the Antarctic icebergs which then would be cut into small pieces (to be like ice stone) and sold to the public for 10 cents per piece. He says he does, this special ice taken from the pure water in Antarctica, and he promised that if any drink given this ice would be more tasty.

7. Man Flies by Own Lung Power

On 1934 American newspaper write about a man who flies with his own lung power, his name was Erich Kocher. To fly erich put a box on his body and use his own lung power to make him fly. But it was a joke.

8. Wisconsin State Capitol Collapses

In 1933, Madison Capital-Times newspaper announced if the Wisconsin State Capitol Building were destroyed by a series of mysterious explosions. Reported if the explosion happened because the amount of gas results from the debate the members of the House of boring for weeks. This is recognized as one of the best april fools prank in the history.

9. Instant Color TV

In 1962, Sweden only have 1 TV station, and even black-and-white broadcasts. Well, that TV station technician, Kjell Stensson, make an announcement if its viewers are now able to receive broadcasts in color. You can do this by wrapping a TV with nylon stockings!

10. Whistling Carrots

Tesco (UK's leading hypermarket) caused a sensation in April Fool's Day in 2002 to put up ads in The Sun about their success to develop the Whistling carrot, genetically whistling carrot. It is said that they use special methods in order to plant carrots grown with the holes in his body. Once cooked, the holes that will make carrots whistle!

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