Hayabusa The Fastest and Luxury Train in Japan

Hayabusa The Fastest and Luxury Train in Japan - Finally Japan Launched their new fast and luxury train. the name of this new train was Hayabusa which means Falcon. Hayabusa can travel at max speed of 186mph and it has a business class section that is modeled after airliners. The train will make two trips a day between Aomori and Tokyo. If you want to know further about the list of the World's Fastest Train so you could check out previous post.

The tickets for the first trip with Hayabusa – the brand new fastest train in Japan reached even the amount of over 3.000 Euros. The train was invented in order to create a connection between Tokyo and Shin-Aomori, the distance between them is about 675 km. The journey lasts around three hours because the fastest train in the world, Hayabusa Express, also nicknamed “the bullet train”, reaches the maximum speed of about 320 km/hour.

Traveling by the extraordinary Japan train was highly desired by many citizens and visitors of Tokyo. The ticket cost initially $150, but in the end it reached the value of 3.000 Euro/piece. The first class tickets of the fastest train in the world were the most sought of all train tickets and they were sold in only 20 minutes after they started to be on sale. The comfort of Hayabusa train first class is equal to that of a plane because travelers are provided with their favourite menus, newspaper and even blankets. See also the Most Stunning Train Journey in the World.

Here's the Pictures of Hayabusa or the Bullet Train the Fastest Train in Japan Today.

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