Luxurious Car of Soccer Players

Own a Luxury sports car was a dream to every people, There's so many people who love to ride a sporty car like a Porsche, Ferrari or even Bugatti veyron, For the World's Top Soccer player, driving a luxurious sports car is not only a dream. they can bought one new luxury sports-car everyweek.

Being a Top Soccer player in the world has made them as one of the richest athlete in the world. such as David Beckham and Cristiano ronaldo, You can see about their luxurious car collection on previous post. and now how about the other soccer player?

Here's the list of Soccer Player's Luxury Car

David Beckham - Porche 911 Turbo ($122,900)

Wayne Rooney - Lamborgini Gallardo ($175,000)

Thierry Henry – Aston Martin Vanquish ($234,260)

Christiano Ronaldo - Audi R8 ($109,000)

Alessandro Del Piero – Fiat 500 ($203,600)

John Terry – Bentley Continental GT ($179,200)

Didier Drogba – Mercedes SL65 ($250,000)

Rio Ferdinand – Bentley Arnage ($224,990)

Sol Campbell – BMW X5 (Around $46,650 - $55,130)

David James – Chrysler 300C (Around $26,017 - $42,525)

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