Portable Mini Washing Machine Laundry Pod

Need an Eco Friendly Washing Machine? If so why don't you try this Laundry Pod a Portable Mini Washing Machine. This Mini Washing machine could be a best choice for those who live in dorms, This mini washing machine called as Laundry pod, you don't need electricity to operate this device but you need a little power to roll this device and start to wash your clothes.

It's Really simple to operate this LaundryPOD, to make a tube in it spinning, you just have twirled the handle of which is on the top for a few minutes to make your clothes to be clean.

Laundry pod size is also small: only 33 x 35 x 35 cm so that will fit in a dorm room, Unfortunately Laundry POD can only wash about 6 pieces clothes and you still need to drain your own energy to squeeze the clothes before drying.

Laundry Pod will be sold this year but there's no further information about the price of this device. Here's more picture of this Laundry pod the Portable Mini Washing Machine.

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Holidays in Devon said...

I think its only good for only one person.
I never encounter like this washing machine in our market, I think its a nice idea.

angel said...

is this an existing product here in the Philippines if so... where can i find one? Thanks!

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