World's Tallest Pancake Stack

World's Tallest Pancake Stack - This Giant pancake was made to celebrate Pancake day by the People from Food Network UK, How about the ingridients to make this tallest pancake? It took about 13 hours to create this pancake and it required 253 eggs, 5 kilograms of flour and 15 liters of milk, but it was all worth it to celebrate Pancake Day. After cooking a whopping 725 pancakes, they somehow managed to stack them into a 32-inch-tall tower that set a new record for the world’s tallest pancake stack. See also this World's Largest Chocolate Bar.

Nick Thorogood, of Food Network UK said: “One of the greatest aspects of British Food is its tradition and the celebration of events such as Pancake Day. We wanted to celebrate this year’s Pancake Day with something a little different and what better way than to create a giant stack of pancakes!” A fine and tasty choice indeed.

As you can imagine, the giant pancake tower ended up in the bellies of the TV channel bellies, by the end of the day. Here's more picture of the World's Tallest Pamcake Stack.

Via : Odditycentral.com Photos by Food Network UK

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WOW this is HUGE :)

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