Gold Plated iPad 2

Today there's so many gold plated stuff such as this Gold Plated iPad 2. This gold plated gadget was made by Gold & Co a London Based Company in Dubai. They coated this iPad 2 with a 24-Karat Gold. Is there any difference from this Golden iPad 2 with the regular one?

The difference between the gold plated iPad 2 and the regular iPad 2 is that the gold-plated one shimmers a lot more. and of course it costs More expensive. The golden tablet is going for approximately $5,000!! There's no difference in terms of feature and specs.

You can buy anything if you has a lot of money. Want to make a gold plated car like this? or even owning a gold plated ipad 2 or this golden stuff?

It seems that Gold & Co Company really love apple gadget, previously they made a gold plated iPhone and also the first iPad. From the information, this company said that the previous iPad was a lot easier to gold-plate than its successor Well let's see about the future gadget of apple. are they gonna made another gold plated gadgets from Apple such as for the iPad 3? See also how the gold bar was made.

This gold-plated iPad 2 will be on display at the Dubai Women’s Exhibition at Jumeirah. If you curious about this golden gadget why don't you go there?

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