Samsung Smart TV D9500 The Largest 3D TV

Samsung release the world's largest 3D Smart TV which is called as Samsung Smart TV D9500. Even if this TV was now the biggest LCD TV in the world but at least this new product from samsung will be known as the Largest 3D Smart TV. with 75 Inch screen size I'm sure that we will got a High quality picture from this TV.

In the purchase package, you also will get a QWERTY Samsung TV Remote to have 2 sides of a HTPC Keyboard and regular TV remote.

How about another feature that offered by Samsung for this new Smart 3D TV? This Samsung Smart D9500 also enabled you to surf the internet. There's no further information about the prices of this new 3D TV by samsung, but i'm sure samsung will announce it soon.

here's some photos of new Smart TV from Samsung.

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