Breakdance Gorilla in Calgary Video

Breakdance Gorilla in Calgary Video, a talented gorilla in Calgary zoo named Zola show his breakdance skills to the world. You can watch the Video of this Breakdance Gorilla in Calgary via Youtube which is uploaded by Calgary Zoo Them self. or below this post.

This 8 years old male lowland gorilla named Zola has become a celebrity on Calgary Zoo today. Before lived in Calgary Zoo, Zola has been in the Alberta zoo for two years.

Zola was a Lowland Gorilla species which is listed as “critically endangered” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and although this subspecies has the largest wild population, they are facing increasing challenges due to human encroachment on their habitat for development, poaching for the bush meat trade, and disease.

So have you watch this cool Breakdance Gorilla? Check this out. A video shows 8-year-old Zola rhythmically stomping his feet and performing dance-like moves that include the breakdance spin-on-one-heel routine.

Breakdance Gorilla in Calgary Video, How do you think? Can you do the breakdancing like zola?

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