Katy and Maria Campbell Anorexic Twins

Katy and Maria Campbell Anorexic Twins, This twins suffer from a anorexia an eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight and an obsessive fear of gaining weight. Want to know the story about this Katy and Maria Campbell twins about how they suffer from anorexia?

This Identical twins, Katy and Maria Campbell made a bizarre agreement at the age of eleven that they would stop eating in order to “lose their hips.” According to these two gaunt looking women, this commitment to not eating was based on a comment they heard their father make, “Gosh, those girls are becoming young women, aren’t they? They’re getting hips.” Their parents, both successful writers, claim to be baffled as to why their daughters chose to become anorexic based on this arbitrary comment.

Now at 33, both of these young women look like coat hangers with clothes draped over them. They have been in and out of recovery clinics, lost jobs, are unhealthy and apparently want nothing more than to find a cure for their disease.

Neither of them have had a period to this day, but somehow through all of the ups and downs of this disease they both managed to finish medical school in 2009. However, neither of them has been able to hold down a job and they have never had boyfriends.

They desperately hope their most recent attempt at beating this disease has a different outcome than before.

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