Korsaar a Pirate Themed Restaurant

Korsaar a Pirate Themed Restaurant, it seems the success of pirate of Caribbean movies has made various breakthrough such as this Pirate Themed Restaurant and these Pirate Themed Home Theater. This restaurant will treat you as a pirates, all the ornaments inside this restaurant was completed to the smallest detail of the Pirate Ship.

Korsaar Restaurant on Old Town Square in Tallinn, Estonia, has a stunning pirate-themed design, in a spectacular location and serves traditional Creole cuisine with a touch of Estonia in a relaxed and informal environment with an emphasis on flavor. This is a restaurant where every client personally tend to be served by one of the chef. Attention to the friendly and professional visitors make each visit to this place is fun from beginning to end.

The dining room is divided into three separate regions, the Bridge, the Shark's Hall and the East Corner, seating up to 72 guests in total. To evoke the atmosphere of the seven seas there is a swimming turtles and exotic fish and beautiful fish pond containing three small sharks in the dining room

If you ever dreamed to became a pirates, now its your chance. Pirate-style restaurant are spectacular beyond anything you've ever seen in terms of attention to detail and authenticity. From gangplanks into the shark tank, and an underground cave has everything covered in it.

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