USB Typewriter Give a Retro Looks for your Tablet

Want to give a retro looks to your Tablet PC? why don't you add this USB Typewriter? There's so many External Keyboards for tablet PC today that was powered by USB. but not all people can use that due to the sensitivity of the External Keyboards. And to overcome this problems a US designer, Jack Zylkin has come out with a USB typewriter. So, typewriter addicts can now connect their typewriters to the the computer and happily go ahead with their harsh typing

This USB Typewriter was really similar to the Retro Typewriter, the main difference is just the USB Cable to connect to your Tablet PC. The USB typewriters can be ordered online at Etsy website. The cost of them vary between 699 USD and 899 USD depending on the size and style

Here's the Demo Video of USB Typewriter.

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