The World's Most Expensive Potatoes La Bonnote

World's Most Expansive Potatoes was la Bonnote, this kind of vegetable was known as the rarest kind of potatoes all over the world's, only several luxury restaurant with the most talented chef that can made a food with la bonnote potatoes. curious about the price of la bonnote?

The price of one kilogram of La Bonnotte potatoes can reach $700, making it the most expensive potato on Earth, This variety of potato is only cultivated on Noirmoutier, an island off the coast of western France, and just 100 tons are produced every year, mainly because they have to be picked by hand. La Bonnotte’s tuber remains attached to the stem making too fragile to harvest by machine, not to mention it also needs to be fertilized with algae and seaweed to give it that distinct earthy, salty flavor. Its fragile nature simply didn’t make it profitable enough for large agricultural companies, and it was only because of teh love and care of a few French potato lovers that it didn’t go extinct.

La Bonnote was also called as the King of potatoes, La Bonnotte is planted in February and ready to be picked in the first week of May. The entire crop is usually exhausted by the first weekend of the month, because they retain all of their flavor if their picked and shipped to the restaurant the same day

Have you taste this World's most expensive potatoes? how does it taste? is it delicious?

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