Batmobile by Casey Putsch Powered by Boeing Engines

Batmobile by Casey Putsch Powered by Boeing Engines, There's so many huge fans of batman who made their own version of batmobile such as this people who made a unique batmobile with a boeing engines. Casey Putsch manage to make his dream comes true by making this Cool Batmobile. previously there's another cool Batmobile by Leif Garvin.

Yesterday the Trailer video of the upcoming batman movies by Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Rises hits the web, and today, Casey Putsch shocks us by his unique batmobile replica. almost all batmobile replica in the world before was only thinks about the exterior and the form without thinking about the engines stuff such as this Batlimo. Casey put Boeing engines which is usually used for helicopters. and moreover he put an iPad that used as an instrument screen as well as for navigation tool inside this Batmobile.

Well it's not obvious if the engines sound of Casey Putsch Batmobile replica isn't like the original car but it's resemble an aircraft engine noise. Check out the Pictures and Video of Batmobile by Casey Putsch Powered by Boeing Engines below.

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Eric said...

What's the top speed of this bat mobile? what fuel does it use? I watched the youtube video last Saturday and I can tell you that my jaw dropped. But the problem there would be how will you do back parking? All you have is a 180 degree view with this car!

Anonymous said...

simple solution - just put a back view video camera.

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