Gold Plated Canon Copier Machine by Yogi Proctor

There's so many gold plated stuff that people made such as this Gold plated canon copier by Yogi proctor. Sadly This Golden Canon copier could not produce the real copier, It's just an Artwork by Yogi Proctor.

Yogi proctor the designer of this Golden Canon Copier explained that his influence for his latest collection, entitled Canon, came from his belief that “Making copies is a beautiful thing. Everyone makes copies in their own unique way.”

It doesn’t produce actual copies, The body work of the copier is made of aluminum, urethane, plastic, glass, vinyl and steel that have been used to create the many parts, but all have been finished off with the gold embalming. The size of this device is 33 inches x 27 inches x 48 inches, which brings it close to the real thing in formation.

You can bring the elegance and abundant into your office With this cool Golden Canon Copier machine by Yogi Proctor. Here's the Video and pictures of Gold Plated Canon Copier Machine by Yogi proctor

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