Most Expensive Fitted Kitchen Design Colosseo Oro

This Most Expensive Fitted Kitchen Design which known as Colosseo Oro Kitchen by Marazzi design is limited to only 10 units as it’s a limited edition design and costs whopping $463,625!!, This luxurious fitted kitchen design was revealed at the Trade Show in Earls Court, London. If you're looking for a luxury touch in your Kitchen so you should take a look of this Fitted Kitchen by Marazzi Design.

Marazzi was known as the famous London based kitchen designer. Well i wonder why there's so many luxury stuff in london, see also this most expensive stuff sold at harrods. This fitted kitchen design could fit those who're looking for a luxury stuff for their home,

Here's why this fitted kitchen design was really expensive

Colosseo Oro Kitchen by Marazzi Design using

24 carat gold leafing
Metallic gloss Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances
Crocodile embossed leather finish
Venetian ink- stained gold glass
Swarovski crystal lights in entire kitchen

The cupboards and the surface are finished by hand applied 12 coats of clear lacquer adorned with glitter to give the kitchen an opulent feel. The kitchen is equipped with some of the most expensive appliances like mirrored steel max-fired oven hood that alone costs $12,361.6, the tap costs $9,271.2 that is designed by well known designer Zaha Hadid, Gordon Ramsay’s two-tonne Rorgue cooker that costs $10,3575 and other expensive appliances together cost $84,986.

Looking for a beautiful Kitchen designs for your Kitchen but doesn't have enough money to buy this Colosseo Oro?? Why don't you see this Futuristic Kitchen Set. or you can also check this Electrolux Infinity I-Kitchen Linux Refrigerator. Oh yeah here's another photos of this Colosseo oro Kitchen the Most Expensive Fitted Kitchen Design.

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