The Rarest Ant Species in the World

What is the Rarest Ant species in the world? As we know ants was included into insects class, there's so many ant species in the world it's approximately 12.000 species are currently known (with upper estimates of about 22,000) You can check the ants species on this antbase.org. with that service you can check the ant species in every country in the world, The list contains at the moment records of type specimen, plus select specimen databases so far integrated.

Ants have colonised almost every landmass on Earth. The only places lacking indigenous ants are Antarctica and a few remote or inhospitable islands. If you're interested in rare animals in the world so you can read our previous post about Rare Albino Crocodile.

Below you can find the World's rarest ant species. have you met each of this ant species before? Let's start the list of the rarest ant species in the world

1. Honeypot Myrmecocystus Ants

Honeypot Myrmecocystus Ants lives in dry climates, They should store food to survive longer than scarcity. In the deserts of North America, Myrmecocystus honeypot ants use their bodies as containers of life, their bodies swollen karen liquid reserves, and brought to the nest mate. Their nests are found in a variety of arid or semi-arid environments. Some species live in extremely hot deserts, others reside in transitional habitats.

2. Harpegnathos saltator Ants

Harpegnathos saltator, sometimes called Jerdon's jumping ant, is a species of ant found in India. They have long mandibles and have the ability to leap a few inches. They are large eyed and are active predators that hunt mainly in the early morning hours. The colonies are small and the difference between workers and queens is very slight

3. Podomyrma Ants

Podomyrma Ants was a little bit similar to Lycaenid caterpillars South Australia. This Caterpillars release substances that are attractive to ants, and ants in turn provide protection from parasites. Ants are very abundant, that many other species have come to rely on them in various ways

4. Malagasi Ants

Between the peculiarities family of ant is a mystery Malagasy ants ants or known as Mystrium species, which is a predator of leaf trash rain forest dwellers.

5. Cecropia Ants

Another name for this ants is Azteca alfaroi, they guard their trees seriously against intruders. Working together, they surrounded and paralyze their opponents by pinning the opponent until limp

6. Thaumatomyrmex Ants

Thaumatomyrmex is a rarely encountered ants in Neotropical forests, they were a specialists predators on millipedes in the order Polyxenida. One of the rarest in the world of insects is Thaumatomyrmex, ant mandible tropical America.

7. Amblyopone trigonignatha

This ants species was also known as the rarest ants in north america, This species was really different with other species of the same genus, This species was relatively active only during the cool months of the year, it's still a mystery why this ants only active on the cool months of the year.

Source : Wikipedia, Antbase.org and myrmecos.net

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