Zauo Restaurant let's you Catch your Own Fish

This restaurant in japan has unique way to attract their customer, in this restaurant you have to catch your own fish!!. It's really creative innovation in restaurant business plan. with this method you can get the freshest fish, and if you're lucky enough you can get a discount at this zauo restaurant. the price range on this restaurant was $10 to $13 (based on Zauo Shinjuku via tripadvisor.com). isn't it cheap enough for enjoying a fresh seafood??

At Zauo restaurant You will be surrounded with so many types of fish including the snapper, mackerel, halibut along with lobsters and abalones! And for beginners, don't worry Here at Zauo, even beginners can fish like professionals. 99% of the chance you will catch! It's a great place for those who are looking for an unusual and unique restaurant. see also more unique restaurant such as this flying restaurant and pirate themed restaurant from our previous post.

In Japan, chain restaurant Zauo has its customers fish for their food, then asks them how their catch should be prepared (sashimi, grilled, simmered or fried). Plus, if you successfully catch a fish, you get a discount. This isn't quite like being out on a lake with a canoe and a fishing rod though.The diners/fishers can see the fish with no problem since the water is clear. And, according to the video below, the fish bite pretty easily.

It's so much fun and interesting when you have to fishing to get your food on the table, there's not many restaurant has this concept. Zauo Restaurant was located at 3-2-9 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture 160-0023, Japan. you can find the reviews of this zauo restaurant at tripadvisor.com. Below you can find more pictures from Zauo Restaurant or should i say a fishing cafe?

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