The Geekiest Halloween Pumpkins Carving

This Android shaped pumpkins could be one of the best pumpkins carving on this Halloween. i can say that if the people who made this pumpkins carving was a truly geeky android freak. I Never saw this kind of pumpkin carving design before. It has the Green Robot Android logo on the pumpkins.

At some point, pumpkins used to have scary designs that made children think twice before knocking on someone’s door. Lately, however, the ones who carve the pumpkins decided to adopt friendlier and less frightening designs. The Android pumpkin, which was designed by Justin from West St. Paul, Minnesota, fits without any doubt in the harmless pumpkins category. The logo and the overall design may not be very sophisticated, but the idea is worth some appreciation. Considering the simplicity of the design, there must have been a small amount of work, fact that does not affect the originality of this Halloween pumpkin.

Younger kids may not know what the alienesque logo stands for, but the designer of this pumpkin also included a caption under it. Hopefully, the children will get curious enough to find out more about this operating system and about the smartphones and tablets that run on it. By creating such things, grown-ups can easily introduce gadgets to the younger generations.

Here's the pictures of The Geekiest Halloween Pumpkins Carving

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