Strangest Toilets around the World

This is the collections of the strangest toilets around the world in pictures, it consists the golden toilets, the hi-tech toilets, and many weird toilet that you have never seen before. Beside these strange toilets below you can also see our previous post about this car toilet seat and toilet house.

Among the pictures of strangest toilets below, i like the concept of this hi-tech toilets on the left. :D i wonder about the functionality about these toilet. oh yeah beside that geek toilet design, there's another cool toilet which is called Sega Toylets.

Sega Toylets was Putting together a speed sensor and LCD screen, the company has carved out this new video game concept that takes note of, well, the pee.The included speed sensor is affixed to the urinal for measuring the pace at which ‘it flows.’ And this helps you progress further in the game.

Here's the Video about How to use this Sega Toylet.

Now you can play a games in the restroom while you take a pee. Isn't it a crazy concept?? Here's more photos of the Strangest Toilet around the world.

Car Toilet Seat

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