Androidland The First Official Google Android Store

Finally Google open their world first official android store. as a leader in smartphone market with more than 200 million activated devices beating out former market leaders Apple and RIM (Blackberry) it's really make sense if Google open their Official Android Store which is called Androidland. This store was dominated with the green color. So what's inside this Official Store of Android by Google?

The World's first official android store by Google was opened in Melbourne, Australia, This cool android store was made by a collaboration with the local Australian operators Telstra. it offers a whole range of different Android products for sale, along with other Google-related attractions like a giant, multi-screen display for exploring Google Earth. Telstra also claims that it's the "world's first" Android store, although there's no word on any plans for additional stores (either from Telstra or other carriers). In this Androidland you can also play Angry Birds on a giant screen. It seems that this Androidland could be the real heaven for all Android Users. One of the unique features of Androidland is the Spaceship. It’s a booth where customers can enter to Androidify themselves, play with a giant Google Earth display, and use a super-sized smartphone:

Visitors in Androidland can ask advice from Android Gurus to maximize their Android Devices. Such as setting up a Google account or just about how to choose a good application for their Android Devices.

Unlike Apple, which house all of their devices in the one store, Android devices have (until now) been sold at third-party retail stores such as JB Hi-Fi and Dick Smith, alongside competitor devices such as Apple and Windows. It seems that this Google Androidland in Australia could became a great place for every Android users Christmas Vacation this years.

Let's take a tour inside this Androidland in melbourne Australia, Below you can find some photos and Videos of the First Official Android Store by Google.

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