Bizarre Christmas Tree made by Recycled Soda Bottles

Have you prepared the Christmas Tree for this years Christmas Event? Maybe this kind of Christmas tree could be a great choice for you, A Lithuanian artist Jolanta Ć midtien has made a unique Christmas tree from a recycled soda bottles. When the night comes this Recycled soda bottles Christmas tree will give a beautiful glow (see the pictures in the left)

She’d done this bizarre Christmas tree for the past three years. Because the town, along with everywhere else in the world, is currently living in interesting times economically, she decided to save the city some cash.

She built a 13-meter (or roughly 40 feet) tall tree, using green plastic soda bottles, the kind which usually contain Sprite or 7-Up. It’s also held together with zip ties. At night, the tree is lit from within, giving a beautiful glow.

Since the tree is made out of recycled parts, there’s no need to take any other resources out of the Earth. They didn’t need to suck some oil out of the ground or cut down any trees. This tree shows that recycling is not just some kind of environmental “slacktivism,” or pretending to do something for the environment. Recycling can also be beautiful. You can see also more of unique christmas tree such as this golden Christmas tree by Ginza tanaka and the $11 Million Christmas Tree.

Below you can find more pictures of Bizarre Christmas Tree made by Recycled Soda Bottles by Jolanta Ć midtien

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