Luytla-Duymun Islands a Unique Cloud Crowned Island

Luytla-Duymun Islands was an island which is crowned by cloud, Luytla-Duymun is the smallest of the 18 Faroe Islands, located between Scotland and Iceland. This gorgeous place is 0.8 square km (0.3 square miles) with the highest point, Mount Ravan, 414 meters (1,358 feet) high. The island is uninhabited. The Phenomenon of the Cloud at the peak of the Luytla-Duymun Island was really amazing, It feels like those place was blessed by god. but actually the phenomenon was known as Orographic lift.

Orographic lift occurs when an air mass is forced from a low elevation to a higher elevation as it moves over rising terrain. As the air mass gains altitude it quickly cools down adiabatically, which can raise the relative humidity to 100% and create clouds and, under the right conditions, precipitation.

Below you can find amazing pictures of this Luytla-Duymun Islands a Unique Cloud Crowned Island.

Luytla-Duymun Islands Location Map

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