Mesodinium chamaeleon Unique Half Plant and Half Animal Organism

Mesodinium chamaeleon is an unusual new species that discovered recently at Beach Niva, Denmark. This organism shocks many scientist due to their characteristics. Mesodinium chamaeleon has both characteristics of plant and animal. until now there's still so many debates about what is Mesodinium chamaeleon, Scientists previously thought that no creature may exist between animals and plants but now they had to think again.

Mesodinium chamaeleon is actually a single cell organism that lives at seawater around Scandinavia and North America, chowing down on a new generation of slaves. The characteristics that make it can be said of animals is the presence of cilia, the organs that are used to move cells. The existence of organ enables this species move actively looking for food like animals.

Meanwhile,it also absorbs algae cells that can then give it extra energy through photosynthesis. Mesodinium chamaeleon also bring the algae move and change her appearance like color of algae, ie, red or green. That's the characteristics of plant

Ojvin Mooestrap, researchers from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, who discovered the species as quoted by New Scientist, Friday (01/13/2012), stated, "The division between animals and plants does not really exist." Mooestrap revealed, many organisms may be a combination in between.

Mesodinium chamaeleon found in the Beach Niva, Denmark. Other specimens are also found off the coast of Finland and Rhode Island. Findings half plant and half animal organisms are rare. Besides Mesodinium chamaeleon, organisms that have similar characteristics is Mesodinium rubrum.

Mesodinium chamaeleon is an animal that forms a symbiotic relationship with the algal plants called cryptonomads. The resulting organism is just one of several hybrids that muddy the supposedly ironclad boundaries between the plant and animal kingdoms. And, as New Scientist explains, M. chamaeleon actually holds onto its symbiotic partners for so long that it's questionable whether it's even really a hybrid anymore:

Mesodinium chamaeleon reflects how endosymbiosis evolved. His discovery was published in the Journal of eukaryotic Microbiology recently. This is truly a rare organism. I never thought if there's a half animal and half plant organism exist.

Via : io9.com, Newscientist.com and Scitechdaily

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