Trouble the Tallest Cat in the World

This African wildcat named Trouble claimed as the World's tallest cat today, trouble has 19 Inch long or approximately about 48.2 cm from paw to shoulder, It is the Guinness-record certified tallest cat in the world, topping the previous record holder by an inch (2.5 cm). It seems that trouble will enter the nominee of the tallest cat in the world on the next Guinness Book of Records 2013.

Trouble is a hybrid called a Savannah - part house cat and part African serval. Its owner, Debby Maraspina, bred the animal 3 years ago. She is happy that her cat, docile as a kitten, has risen to fame. Trouble is part house cat and part African serval cat, a recognised hybrid called a Savannah, but his height is still surprising, even for his breed.

Mrs Maraspina told the Sacramento Bee that she didn’t really think much of Trouble’s size until a friend, who owns the world’s longest cat, suggested that she get him measured at a cat show in Reno.

The process to get Trouble registered and confirmed as the Guinness-certified tallest cat was a long one. Mrs Maraspina had to get Trouble measured by a veterinarian and document the cat’s height in both photos and videos. See also another unique cat named Blackie which is claimed as the Oldest cat in Britain.

This is my first post on 2012, after a break for 2 weeks. here's some pictures of Trouble the tallest cat in the world that owned by Debby Maraspina. See how tall is this cat.

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