Ioana Spangenberg Woman with Wasp Waist

Meet Ioana spangeberg a woman with only 20inch waist size. at a glance she looks like an anorexic models but the truth is this Romanian born German model didn't has an eating disorder, she says that she eats more than 2,500 calories a day, but has a miniscule 20.5 inch waist – only five inches bigger than a CD – and weighs 6st, the weight of an average 12 year old. Yet doctors say she’s completely healthy. It's really incredible.

I thought that Ioana spangenberg shrink her waist size by wearing a corset such as done by cathy jung the woman with the smallest waist in the world but the fact is ioana said that she didn't wear a corset just to shrink her waist size.

I admit that the body shape of ioana spangenberg is a little bit scary. Despite her wasp sized waist ioana said that she’s beginning to accept her body. “At least I don’t look like everyone else!” she says. Sarah Stanner of The Nutrition Society explains: “Iona may be genetically predisposed to slimness, and must have a fast metabolism to burn off the calories.

“But just because she’s thin, it doesn’t mean she’s healthy. She could have high blood pressure and cholesterol from the unhealthy foods she’s eating.”

Here's some photos of this wasp waisted model ioana spangenberg

Watch Ioana Spangenberg interview over her wasp-waist via the Acasatv.ro

Afla povestea Ioanei Spangenberg, romanca ce se poate lauda ca are o talie de 40 de centimetri - VIDEO pe www.acasatv.ro

Update Ioana Spangenberg wearing tight Latex Corset

Futher story about ioana Spangenberg the woman with wasp waist



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