Kissenger Robotic Kiss Messanger for Long Distance Relationship

How to kiss your lover when you're on long distance relationship? Hooman Samani, an artificial intelligence researcher in Singapore has developed a Kiss Transmission robot messenger that he called as Kissenger. the device can emulate and transmit a kiss over a long distance. it's really perfect for those who involved in Long distance relationship.

The designer of this kissenger said that as well as bridging the physical gap between real people it could also create a link with the virtual worlds to add a new dimension to gaming.

Kissenger a kiss transmission device has a shape like a bunny, it features a pair of artificial lips that are highly touch-sensitive. you need a pair of this kissenger robot to transmit your kiss, The device will detect and copy how each partner delivers their kiss.

How this Kissenger works? When you want to kiss your sweetheart, all you have to do is pick up your bunny-shaped robot and give it a nice smooch on those fat silicon lips. At the same time, your partner does the same thing on the other end, and the Kissengers transmit your lip movements from one to the other, thus replicating a real kiss. but each time you plant a wet one on the Kissenger, the receiving device makes a strange noise, like a pig oink.

Well I prefer kiss a real lips than to kiss a silicon lips on this toys. How do you think? Check this video below about how Kissenger the kiss messenger robot works.

Via : News.com.au

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