Mini Chameleon The Smallest Reptile in the World

This Mini Meleon or small Chameleon was the claimed as the smallest reptile in the world today, it's smaller than a finger size (take a look of the picture below). this mini chameleon was found in an islett of madagascar. Chameleon species was wellknown for their camouflage ability to blend in any color, but this mini chameleon is even better than the most as the world's smallest chameleon.

This Mini-Meleon reptile is no bigger than the flies. Scientists discovered four new species - called Brookesia micra - on a small islet just off the main island of madagascar.

This particular chameleon is now thought to be one of the smallest reptiles on the planet. Ted Townsend, of San Diego State University, carried out genetic testing on the new species.

He said: 'Their size suggests that chameleons might have evolved in Madagascar from small and inconspicuous ancestors, quite unlike the larger and more colourful chameleons most familiar to us today.'

Check out more pics of this mini meleon species

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