Villager in China get 100 gram Gold Bars for Free

How does it feel if you got 100 gram of gold and silver bars for free? Well the villagers in Jiangyin City in in eastern China's Jiangsu Province has been given a free 100 gram bars of gold and silver to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a village-owned business.

It was said that The Jiangsu Xin Chang Jiang Group, one of the top 20 private enterprises in China, distributed 300 kilograms of gold and 300 kilograms of silver last Saturday to the nearly 3,000 residents of Changjiang Village The village also gave each household a safe to store their valuables, the Modern Express newspaper reported yesterday.

For security reasons, the village officials had kept secret when the precious metals would be handed out. Every family in the villagers was given a safe on March 15, triggering speculation that the gold would soon arrive. Two days later they were told they could collect their bars at noon.

One large family from Jiangyin City received 700 grams of gold, since the retail price of gold had recently hit 400 yuan (US$64) per gram so It's worth for $43,750 plus 700 gram of silver bars. Many families said they would have gold rings made for their daughters and keep the remaining gold as an heirloom, while others were determined to turn them into beautiful jewelry for their future sun-in-laws. Apparently, the unmarried men and women of Changjiang are very popular in China, precisely because of their wealth. Beside Jiangyin City there's another rich village in china such as on Huaxi Village with their Luxury Longxi Hotel.

How i envy those villager from jiangyin city, they got 100gram of gold bars free!!. It seems that we should move and live there to get a chance of 100 gram free gold bars. :D

Read further story on Shanghai Daily

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