World Oldest Vacuum Cleaner

This 108 years old vacuum cleaner might be the world's oldest vacuum cleaners today and amazingly this vacuum cleaner still working perfectly to suck the dust. This 1904 American Sturtevant Vacuum Cleaner was owned by Harry Cox. He rescued the cleaner and accessories from a skip at work before it went to a landfill site.

Harry, at 53 less than half the age of his 1904 American Sturtevant vacuum cleaner No.4, said: “There was a walk-in skip at the factory and I rescued it.

"I like to collect things that are getting thrown away, restore them and give them a new lease of life. It makes me feel good.”

Harry Cox is factory production manager at paper merchant W L Coller of Greater Manchester. Despite his enthusiasm for old machines, his wife Jacqueline ignores the heavy, noisy antique and prefers to clean their three-bed semi in Timperley, with a more modern model.

Bill Whitwam, of Leicester, was previously believed to have the oldest working vacuum with a 1929 Hoover Senior.

Via : Mirror.co.uk

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