World's Smallest Dog Beyonce the Dachshund Puppy

Meet beyonce the world's smallest dog which is measured less than 4 inches. Beyonce was weighed less than 1 oz. (28.3 grams) at birth and could fit into a table spoon. Beyonce is about the size of a business card, and can comfortably fit on top of an iPhone. She is said to be a mix of Dachshund, Miniature Pinscher and Chihuahua based on her mother Casey, but the father is unknown.

When Casey finally gave birth, Beyonce, the last of five puppies to be born, had no heartbeat and was not breathing. Veterinarians performed heart compressions and mouth-to-mouth, and soon little Beyonce began breathing, the Telegraph reports

If you like stuff like the world's biggest dog so you would love this too. This cute little puppy beyonce aims for stardom At only three-weeks-old. The animal shelter has submitted an application to Guinness World Records on Beyonce's behalf for the title of smallest dog, Actually Beyonce has already been certified by the World Records Academy as the world's tiniest puppy, a new category created especially for her. But the same title is unlikely to be bestowed upon the pup by Guinness World Records, who only accept entries from animals who are at least 1-year-old.

Currently, the smallest living dog in height is a female Chihuahua called Boo Boo in Kentucky at 4 inches and the smallest living dog in length is Heaven Sent Brandy, a female Chihuahua from Florida, at 6 inches.

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Err does anybody know the reason why this cute little dachshund puppy named beyonce?

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