Aquadron aquarium on Radisson Blu Hotel

This 82 foot Cylindrical aquarium on Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin Germany was also known as the World's Largest cylindrical aquarium, This cool designed aquarium is filled with nearly 1 million liters of seawater and has 1,500 tropical fish of 56 species and tiny reef-like mounds at its base. The aquarium is managed by the Sea Life Berlin Aquarium located next door to the hotel, and two full-time scuba divers are responsible for the care and feeding of the aquarium and its inhabitants. Guests can often see them swimming around in their scuba gear with the fish.

This huge Aquadom was made by four pieces of acrylic glass cylinder, the structure was built on site on top of 30 feet of concrete foundation The individual pieces had to be crane lifted into place during the construction of the hotel itself, and the rest of the hotel was gradually erected around the tank. The beautiful aquarium also acts as a dynamic light filter, shifting the quality and intensity of light in the space throughout the day.

You can also enjoy the sea like spectacle below on Radison Blu Hotel Aquarium, Just take a glass elevator that travels up the center of the aquarium and leaves them at a viewing platform just beneath the glass roof of the hotel.

This cool Radison Blu Hotel in Berlin with it's Largest Aquadron has about 427 Suites with fantastic views of the tropical underwater world, If you want to spend a night or two at this Radisson Blu Hotel together with those beautiful fishes so you have to pay 180 Euro per night (that’s close to 215 dollars). It's not too expensive to enjoy such a great scenery right?

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