Cool Wind Powered Car

This cool wind powered car was built by a Chinese farmer named Tang Zhengping. He managed to built awesome efficient but quirky blue vehicle which is is powered by a combination of batteries and electric generators. According to Mr Zhengping His Wind Powered Car batteries could last longer than any other Electric Vehicle. He said that his vehicle's batteries only need charging every two to three days.

How did he made this Wind Powered Car? According to cars.msn.co.uk This chinese farmer use a Batteries and Electric Generators to supply power to the wheels via an electric motor. The large spinning fan at the front rotates when the car is in motion - due to air hitting the blades - providing energy to charge the batteries or support electricity generation. In addition to the front fan, the car also uses 'solar energy wings' to store up power.

The car's twin generators and batteries charge in turn, while the other is powering the vehicle. According to Zhengping, the car's maximum speed is 140kph - that's 87mph.

How far the wind-powered vehicle would actually travel at those speeds without needing a recharge - and how long it would take to get there - is open to debate, however. Zhengping reckons his electric creation 'lasts longer than a normal electric car, which usually doesn't have generators.'

With the car's fan and wings providing extra electricity when in motion, the vehicle's batteries only need charging every two to three days, according to the Chinese farmer.

There's no 'official' measured range yet, but even driving moderate distances, a recharge only every two to three days is pretty impressive. Its range might be better than a Nissan LEAF then (don't take our word for it though), but it certainly isn't as practical as the Japanese EV.

The wind-powered car is only a single seater, and with no roof and a decidedly home-built feel, we're not sure Mr Zhengping's creation would be the safest of vehicles on the chaotic roads of Beijing.

With potential for high-voltage electricity to be coursing through the chassis if Zhengping hasn't got his wiring right, we think we'd probably stick to more conventional electric, range-extending and hybrid vehicles.

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