Hotel made out of Boeing 747

This is indeed such a unique hotel, This hotel made out of abandoned Boeing 747. This is 1965 plane which spent a decades of flight as a part of south African airways, and later in Colombia Fleet Avianca Airlines. At the time a group of investors bought it and took him to San Jose. From there the plane was divided into five sections so that trucks could carry about 150 kilometers to its present location in the grounds of the Hotel Costa Verde.

The plane turned into a hotel, perched on a tree offers a rare sight for visitors. Outside the plane is covered with wood above each wing with teak furniture carved by hand.

Inside, most of the aircraft has been dismantled and wooden panels of local origin, adapted the curvature of the walls and windows forms. The entire aircraft is rented as a suite that includes an entrance hall kitchen, a sitting area with flat screen TV and two bedroom suites with air conditioning.

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