Mexican Woman Pregnant with 9 Babies

A Mexican woman named Karla Vanessa Perez pregnant with 9 babies, wow how could it possible? before that she's already has triplets. nowadays the news about this mexican woman who pregnant with 9 babies which consists of six girls and three boys are became one hot sensation in the internet. but unfortunately according to The unnamed doctor claimed to have performed an ultrasound test on Perez recently, and she didn't find nine babies in her uterus. In fact, the doctor said she found no babies at all.

Karla Vanessa Perez, of Coahuila, Mexico is currently being treated at a hospital in the state capital Saltillo, reportedly said she was already the mother of triplets–which is also not true–and had a fertility treatment in order to acquire another multiple-embryo pregnancy. She even went to the lengths of making up how many of each sex she was carrying: six girls and three boys. In fact, Perez isn’t currently pregnant at all, seeing as how she had a tubal ligation after her youngest child was born. Her children are 15, 12, and 4 years old. A state-owned news agency also reported the pregnancy, insisting that Perez was due to give birth on May 20.

It seems that Karla Vanessa Perez want to get some extra attention from the Internet like several years ago when Nadya Suleman delivered 8 healthy babies which is also listed as the biggest delivery on records. If Perez is pregnant with nine babies and they survive the risky pregnancy, they will constitute one of the highest multiple births ever recorded.

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