Northern Snakehead Fish Attack Maryland

A Northern Snakehead Fish or also called as The Fish from Hells attack Maryland, This scary fish has a razor sharp teeth and long tongue. it's not like a usual kind of fish. The invasive northern snakehead is decimating the native fish population in Maryland’s bodies of water, not to mention other surrounding states. Since 2002, the state has been battling the fish but they’re upping the ante for a second year, hosting contest with a $200 gift card to Bass Pro Shops as an incentive to the anglers who can land the invasive lunker.

As reported from Fox News the northern snakehead fish or also known as Fishzilla or Fish from Hell are not only prolific breeders with frightening characteristics but they also can grow up to two feet long and live — gulp — for up to four days out of the water. The snakeheads are native to Asia and Africa and presumably came to the Maryland ecosystem through Asian seafood markets. The fish was first spotted in 2002 in Crofton pond and eradication efforts — including killing all fish in the pond with a pesticide — were successful. But it was really too late. The fish had already spread to other water ways, including the Potomac River.

Don Cosden the DNR Inland Fisheries Director said that he didn't want any northern snakeheads in their water so that's why they made a rewards for every people who want to catch this fish and remove it from their water. Here's the incentive for the winners a Maryland State Passport, which provides unlimited day-use entry for up to ten passengers in a vehicle, unlimited boat launching at State Park facilities and a 10 percent discount on State-operated concessions and boat rentals, or a Potomac River Fisheries Commission fishing license.

Are you ready to catch this northern snakehead fish in Maryland? After you catch this fish from hell, you have to to submit a photo of themselves with their dead catch to dnr.maryland.gov/fisheries/fishingreport/log.asp.

More pics and videos of this Northern Snakehead fish or Fish from hell below

How to Catch Northern Snakehead AKA Fish From Hell

Watch the video about Northern Snakehead fish invasion via National Geographic Below

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