World's Longest Bridal Trail

This Silk Wedding Gown breaks the records as the longest bridal trail rolling on to 3,000 meters or 1.85 mile. This silk wedding dress unveiled on on board a hot air balloon floating across the skies of Romanian capital, Bucharest. On the left is the pictures of Model Emma Dumitrescu, 17, holds a certificate proclaiming the train flowing behind her to be the longest in the world.

A Bucharest fashion house broke previous Guinness records by launching its 1.85-long trailed wedding gown. Guinness officials testified that the nearly two meter long bridal trail surpasses the previous record of 1.54 -mile-long bridal train (2,488 meters) that was a Dutch creation.

This record breaking silk wedding dress Imported lace from France and taffeta and other fabrics, sourced from Italy punctuates the cost at £5,000 making the coveted wedding gown even more elusive at $446,000

It’s almost impossible to see the wedding-dress train in its entirety because of its colossal size. To show it off during a Guinness World Record attempt in Bucharest on Tuesday, 17-year-old model Emma Dumitrescu took flight in a hot-air balloon and allowed the 1.85-mile ivory train to flow down in dramatic fashion. The train trailed down a boulevard that leads up to a palace constructed by the late dictator Nicolae Ceausescu

The exquisite gown was crafted by 10 seamstresses over 100 days and displayed nuances at the Bucharest Wedding Fair. Studded with around 13000 rare pearls, the trailing gown becomes more of an object of desire. The gown could tip the scale at 13 pounds making it heavier with 15,420 feet of Taffeta. 18 feet of Chantilly lace and other lining materials at 147.64 feet formed part of the resource. Sewing needles accounting to 1,857 needles and 150 thread reels were used to create a beautiful ensemble.

The launch of the longest bridal trail was organized by the artifact's creators such as the Andree Salon fashion house who are also organizing the 2012 biannual Wedding Fair

Via : Today and Bornrich.

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