10 Famous Place to end your Life

Suicide is one of the most famous death causal in the world, it's the 13th world's death causal factor, and in many countries it's on 3rd, the people among 10-24 years are the most suspected..
it's about 815.000 people commit a suicidal act every years, so that it can be said that there are one people die every 40 second all over the world. You wanna know where is the most famous suicide place all over the world??

1.Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco California
It is more than 1.500 suicidal cases

2.Beachy Head,East sussex England
More than 500 Suicidal Cases

3.Clifton Bridge,North Somerset, England
More than 500 suicidal cases

4.Aurora Bridge,Seattle washington
More than 200 suicidal cases

5.Humber Bridge,Near kingston England
More than 200 suicidal cases

6.Brooklyn Bridge,Brooklyn new york
Approximately reach hundred's cases

7.Jacques Cartier Bridge,Montreal Quebec canada
More than 140 suicidal cases

8.Sunshine Skyway Bridge,Tampa bay Florida
More than 120 suicidal cases

9.Throgs Neck Bridge,The Bronx,Bayside, Queens, New York City
Approximately more than 40 cases

10.Verrazano-Narrows Bridge,Staten Island – Brooklyn, New York City
Approximately more than 30 cases

Throgs Neck Bridge

How's that?? there's no problem that can't be solved, and do a suicidal act is not the answer, but if you still wanna do that so choose your favourite place to end your life... may god be with you and you got a nice place there... hehehehe just joking

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frank hampson said...

Is this the list of famous bridges (and one cliff) because Niagara Falls has an average of 20 suicides a year by jumping into the gorge.

The exact number according to the Niagara Parks police is hard to nail down because, what were suicides? What were mis-adventure? (falling accidentally into the gorge for instance.) Plus some bodies get caught in the whirlpool downstream and may not surface for years.

The stats I have seen on the falls put the total since records started being kept in the 1800's at nearly 5000. Way higher than anywhere on this list.

Ryan said...

Dear God..

Who typed this article?

Interesting facts, but it's hardly English.

Dale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tampabayrealty said...

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